Monday, 23 August 2010

Look out Tonder - here we come!

They wont know what hit them!

When Hamish played at the Tonder festival in Denmark he could see and appreciate all of the hard work that the volunteers, who pretty much run everything, put in.

True to form Hamish loved to put back into the business that gave him so much pleasure and with this in mind, he started a tradition which has run for 30 years now and is now continued by his daughters, that being the "curry crew".

What better way than to thank all 2000 volunteers with a huge curry of truly gigantic proportions! one can only guess at how many onions will be chopped and tears will be shed during the construction of this behemoth feast! Included in the ranks of volunteer vegetable choppers will be the Imlach girls - yes both Mairead and Fiona will be brandishing sharpened knives....

God help us.

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  1. And brandish we did.....250 kg onions ....not a good day for mascara. Festival was FAB...XX


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